Virtual Exhibitor Experience

Let’s be honest. Virtual is different than face-to-face. But it can still be hugely impactful.

We know the shift to digital might feel intimidating. But Quest has been doing online events for a long time. We know what works, and what doesn’t. And we’re here to walk you through the exhibitor experience to maximize your investments and drive success.

In 2020, Quest shifted its most popular conferences online and our members followed, driving our highest customer attendance ever. Plus virtual conferences and our big value corporate passes attract fresh participants – including those who might not otherwise be able to attend. This gives virtual exhibitors a chance to build awareness to new sets of eyes and ears. Plus, with our snazzy virtual platform, exhibitors can build a dynamic presence that goes well beyond a logo on a webpage.

The most engaging 2020 virtual exhibitors decked out their virtual booths with customized branding and dynamic content – videos, resources, and links, providing plenty of tangible collateral for attendees to interact with. Also, they utilized the platform’s live stream feature, hosting several demos that were included on the main session list. This drove more traffic to their booth, generating more leads, and providing more opportunities to showcase their offerings and to directly answer customer questions in real-time.

Virtual exhibits include the following capabilities:



Exhibitor Capabilities

Live streaming

Our platform provides several options for live streaming within your booth including a built-in streaming service, external streaming tools (Zoom, Facebook Live, Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo), RTMP Stream, or uploading an MP4 video file. This feature is a great tool for presenting product demos to your booth visitors.


Booth chat

Be proactive and make your booth visitors feel welcome by utilizing the chat in your booth and actively responding to posts. You can also attach files or insert emojis to liven up your threads!


Lead capture

A booth lead is someone who sends a chat message in the general booth area, chats directly with an exhibitor, downloads a file or clicks the CTA button.


Booth customization

Make sure you take full advantage of all the customization options to build a standout virtual booth! This includes adding logos, images, videos, and text.


1 on 1 Video Meetings

Easily schedule a private video meeting with individual attendees! Enable microphone and camera access to engage in a more personal way with prospects for deeper discussion directly within the event platform.


Resource Library

Provide up to 20 files for your booth visitors to view & download. PDF, DOC, DOCX, or DOCXX files are acceptable and can be up to 10mb.


Quest has done an excellent job emulating a physical space via a virtual platform. 2020 Virtual Exhibitor